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At the end of an interview in the New York Times’ T Magazine: The Moment blog, the ever-strangely-coiffed fashion journalist Suzy Menkes asks Raf Simons, “Do you think of yourself as an artist? “No,” says Simons, who took over the creative reins at the innovative design house Jil Sander three years ago. “I’m a fashion designer.”

The wordARTist begs to differ. Just take a look at the Jil Sander fall collection that Simons launched on the Milan runway last week. The clothes are grounded in the now-classic minimalist sensibility for which Sander became known, but in Simons’ hands they morph into body-conscious sculpture with a graphic-design sensibility. The shapes are fresh and unexpected, the neutral fabrics broken up by swirly peeks of brilliant-colored linings. This is the stuff of subtle genius. Architecture for the body: ahhhh, it soothes my soul.